STACK PIECE was a public artwork using fixed-wing aircraft as kinetic sculpture. The planes were flown in a series of stacks and patterns over Buffalo, New York in 1973. The stacks of planes were intended to replace the image of aircraft as transportation with one of aircraft as purely visual imagery.

HOVER PIECE was a second public artwork performed in 1973. In this piece a Bell G4A helicopter was used as kinetic sculpture by performing purely visual maneuvers in public areas of Buffalo and Niagara Falls, New York. Arriving unannounced in public parks, the aircraft flew maneuvers such as rocking in arc-shaped patterns, flying sideways or backward, and hovering at zero airspeed a few feet above open land or open water.

STACK PIECE and HOVER PIECE were conceived and directed by Wayne Miller.

Aerial pieces were planned and executed by pilots from Prior Aviation Services Inc., Buffalo, NY under the in-flight supervision of Jack Prior.

The pilot for HOVER PIECE was Gerry Cheselka.

All aircraft courtesy of Prior Aviation Services Inc.


Video cameras: John Hughson, Ron Wooden, Jay Calhoun, Eric Arcese, Fred Sager, Ed Prevet.

Still cameras: Joyce Wlodarczyk, Hank Linhart.

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STACK PIECE and HOVER PIECE were funded through a grant from CAST (Collaborations in Art, Science and Technology), Syracuse, NY.

Videos and photographs from both performances were shown at the Everson Museum, Syracuse, NY in collaboration with CAST in 1975.

© Photographs copyright Wayne Miller

© CAST catalog from the 1975 Everson Museum exhibition reproduced by permission of Joseph Scala, CAST.

Exhibition catalog