SULLIVAN AND THE SHOOTER is a gritty one-act play set in a pool room. It chronicles an hour in the lives of two men --- the Shooter, a street wise player who offers survival advice in billiard terms, and Sullivan, a person immune to anyone’s advice and destined to be forever blind-sided by life.


A play by Robert N. Pollock






Rob Pollock (right) directing Sullivan and the Shooter

Cast and crew watching video footage after a day’s shoot.

Rob Pollock, Jack Cummins and Wayne Miller during shooting.

SULLIVAN AND THE SHOOTER     A play by Robert N. Pollock

SULLIVAN AND THE SHOOTER was videotaped at Chinatown Billiards, New York, and broadcast on Manhattan Cable Television in 1979.  It was also performed onstage at the Circle Rep Lab in New York in 1979.

Television broadcast cast and crew:

Robert N. Pollock: writer and director

Jack Cummins: hand-held video camera

Angelo DiGiacomo: stationary video camera

Wayne Miller and Jack’s crew: sound

Pandy Chaipis: continuity

Wayne Miller and Jack’s crew: still photography

The actors:

Sullivan: Terry Sullivan

Shooter: Larry McCarthy

Hawk: Buzz Mandel

Man, aka Arcade Johnny: Hass Murphy

Dark Man: Rudolph Montenez

Phantom: Rob Pollock

Barney: Victor Pesce

Circle Rep Lab performances:

Peter M. Gordon, director

L. J. Kearney, stage manager

The actors:

Sullivan: Mark Robert Myers

Shooter: Ray Shaub

Hawk: Matthew Gottlieb

Arcade Johnny: Michael Mastrototaro

Dark Man: Stuart Rudin

Phantom: Jon Wool

Barney: Dana Bate

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Before launching this webpage I asked Rob Pollock for advice about describing “Sullivan and the Shooter”. This was his reply.