A PERFORMANCE THAT HURTS was a music and theater piece conceived and performed by guitarist Chris Vine. Along with music it included a cast of stagehands and performers as well as live and pre-recorded video imagery. The set included a low elevated platform for the guitarist, video monitors in front of the stage, a large artist’s canvas standing behind the guitarist, and a video camera to one side of the stage. The sequence of events, accompanied by continuous electric guitar, were as follows:

A PERFORMANCE THAT HURTS was performed in the Arena Theater at the State University of New York, Fredonia, NY in 1975.

Conceived and performed by Chris Vine

Produced by Chris Vine and Wayne Miller

Music: Chris Vine

Live video: Wayne Miller

Prerecorded video imagery: John Hughson

Still photography: Joyce Wlodarczyk, Studio Stu

Cast and Crew: Jay Calhoun, Ron Wooden, Jasper McGruder, Prudence Gill, Diana Dodd and students from the art and drama departments, SUNY Fredonia.

As the audience was seated, members of the front rows were draped in protective sheets. A guitar performance began. A team of painters arrived and began work on a large canvas standing behind the guitarist. As they worked images of distorted faces appeared on the video monitors.  One face replaced another and then another as the guitarist played. A figure trapped in a fishnet struggled on stage in an attempt to free himself. As he struggled the video images changed. The distorted faces began to be replaced by faces from the live audience, bringing members of the the audience into the performance as participants as well as spectators. 

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